A4 Flash Game - Flash Game Templates
Showcase of Flash game / Flash banner projects

Flash Bubble Game 3

Flash Bubble Game 3
  • Flash bubble game for Food company
  • Vector drawings
  • Special bonus balls
  • Colorful background and fitting of company logo

Coloring Game

Flash Coloring Game for Kids
  • Coloring game for pre-school kids
  • Rich interface and specially-crafted graphics
  • Allows printing of colored and blank graphics
  • Simulation of letter writing - serve as a teaching tool

Desert Rescue Game

Desert Rescue Game with 3 difficulty levels
  • Catching food, water and medical packages from a relief helicopter using different vehicles
  • Game consists of 3 difficulty levels and controlled by mouse
  • High score database for each session of the game

Flash Blackjack Game (Enhanced Splitting)

Flash Blackjack Game with Enhanced Splitting Enabled, used in real online Casino
  • Our Flash Blackjack game template deployed on online casino site
  • Enhanced splitting: Player can have the option to split cards for cards with the same value
  • Chips placed to splitted hands would be equally divided
  • Support spliting up to 4 hands of cards

Flash Baccarat Game

Baccarat Game
  • Simple Flash baccarat game using a gambling table to provide a surreal playing experience
  • Made for high definition monitors (Resolution up to 1920 x 1080px)
  • Graphics and Playing cards adapted to high resolution

Flash Slot Machine Game (Maya Theme)

Slot Machine Game (Horse Racing Theme)
  • Flash Slot Machine with 21 Lines
  • Colorful and Rich Graphics
  • Auto-spinning
  • Full Screen Support

Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Jigsaw Puzzle Game
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Game with English and Spanish support
  • Loading of puzzle images on-the-fly
  • Support snapping of finished puzzle pieces
  • 3 Different levels, with scoring based on the time to finish the puzzle

Interactive Map Trivia Game

Interactive Map Trivia Game
  • Interactive world map game to find correct shipping destination
  • Auto-zoom to each region/continent and find the destination country
  • Countdown timer for each question
  • Scoring based on number of attempts on each question

Slapping Game

Flash Slapping Banner
  • Flash game banner ad can be made of any desired dimensions
  • Graphics are editable in Adobe Flash
  • Include promotional messages which can be further altered

Cricket Game

Cricket game
  • Cricket game with batting mode
  • Batting controlled by keyboard
  • Combination of cartoon game arena with photos

Pie Craving game

Flash Pie Craving game
  • Pie craving game for kids
  • Vector drawings
  • Keyboard control and multiple stage
  • Include background music and score recording

Shooting Game 4

Flash Shooting Game 4
  • A dynamic shooting game
  • Vector graphics
  • Timed with increasing playing speed
  • Random generation of targets

Lode Runner Game

Jigsaw Puzzle Game
  • A protype of Classic arcade game - Lode Runner.
  • Game and Watch style with enemies, lives, and scores
  • Used Actionscript 3

Golf Game

Flash Golf Game
  • Conventional golf game
  • Ball trajectory affected by both user decision and random factors (wind)
  • Include logo and promotional messages
  • How to play message

Flash Board Game

Question-based Flash board game with external XML support
  • Board Game which can be played in single or versus computer
  • Question-based. Correct answer would grant the right to throw dices
  • Time-based for each answering of questions, with time remaining reminder
  • Questions and answers for each round are set in external XML file

Shooting Game

Shooting Game
  • Shooting game
  • Vector Drawings
  • Random generation of targets

Banner Shooting Game 1

Flash Banner Shooting Game 1
  • Flash Banner Shooting Game

Banner Shooting Game 2

Flash Banner Shooting Game 2
  • Flash Banner Shooting Game

Banner Shooting Game 3

Flash Banner Shooting Game 3
  • Flash Banner Shooting Game

Trampoline game banner

Flash Trampoline game banner
  • Flash trampoline game banner

Bowling game banner

Bowling game banner
  • Flash bowling game banner

Scratch Game banner

Scratch banner
  • Flash scratch off game banner

Roulette banner

Roulette banner
  • Flash roulette banner

Football game banner - goal kicking

Football game flash banner
  • Flash football game banner
Memory Card game 2 Memory Card game 2
  • Memory Card game
  • Vector Drawings
Memory Card Game Memory Card Game
  • A Multi-language Word-Match Game
  • Voice-over in multiple languages
  • Multiple levels with timer
  • Colorful Interface
Flash board game Flash board game
  • Farm hole smash
  • Vector Drawings
  • can choose your enemy
Flash Golf Game 1 Flash Golf Game 1
  • Mini Flash Golf Game
  • Vector Drawings
Flash Golf Game 4 Flash Golf Game 4
  • Mini Flash Golf Game
  • Putting Game
  • Vector Drawings
Flash Casino Blackjack Game Casino Game - Black Jack
  • Mini Flash Casino Game
  • 1 player play against computer
  • Can make to run online or on CD-ROM
  • Editable card images
Interactive Golf Game Interactive Golf Game
  • Mini Flash Golf game
  • Vector graphics
  • Possible for private branding
  • Scoring database
Flash Puzzle Game Flash Puzzle Game
  • Flash Puzzle Game
Flash Golf Game 3 Flash Golf Game 3
  • Mini Flash Golf Game
  • Chip Shot Game
  • Vector Drawings
Flash Golf Game 2 Flash Golf Game 2
  • Mini Flash Golf Game
  • Vector Drawings
Flash Bubble Game 1 Flash Bubble Game 1
  • Flash Game Graphic