Game for Android

  • Native platform support (iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc)
  • Optimized for multi-touch
  • Game physics with different sensors from smartphone devices
  • OpenGL-ES and WebGL
  • SVG graphics and animation
  • Multiple platform deployment including browser-based games

Gaming on devices become a ubiquitous part of our daily live. When there are spare time to spend, people would pop put their devices to play a game or two. The gaming market is huge and our team has equipped with good skills to build attractive games in the smartphone market.

The market is divided into different platform (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc). this making creation of games difficult because of these various platforms to support. Our team can create native cross-platform games, and also web-based games to be played through the browsers. Native games can leverage the maximum possibility of the platforms, while web-based games using web technologies can be cross-platform. Web-based games can also run on desktop browsers too, so the opportunities are unlimited. 

Our innovative team can build games of different themes to target your audiences, such as children who they can learn and play through games. We can build games that matches your business objectives, so as to attract more people to your brand name and products. These games can be connected to popular social networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Game Center of iOS) so that any moments in the game can be shared among friends. 

We have a full team of professionals dedicated to game , and we can surely provide game solution at an affordable price

If you want to build the game from the ground up, or migrate/port any of your existing games to other platforms, please don't hesitate to provide the details on contact us.

Bubble Shooting Game

  • Editable game graphics
  • In game advertising using your brand
  • Kids game

Casino Blackjack Game

  • Online gambling game
  • More casino games: roulette, poker

Putt Golf Game

  • Vector graphics
  • High score database
  • More sports games: soccer, basketball shooting